The Mental Battle Beatdown 2022

Thank you, Drop Thrill, for this workout. Thank you for beat(down) of the drum to keep the mental health of the brothers of the F3Nation in focus, in our minds, in our hearts, and in our caring actions for one another.

AO: The Rising (WWCP)

PAX: Brisket, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Mountie, Black Hole, Soul, and WallE, Q.

Conditions: Dawn fringed gloom


Imperial Walkers
Toy Soldiers
Arm Circles and Circle Arms
High Knees
Butt Kickers

3 Rounds of partner Dora (rep count connected to mental battle stats). Partner ran upper parking lot with 1 Burpee at far end.
Round 1
– 100 Lunge Curls
– 112 Chest Presses
– 54 Goblet Squats

Round 2
– 120 Weighted Calf Raises
– 66 Lunge Pass through
– 160 Tricep Extensions

Round 3
– 130 LBCs
– 120 Box Cutters
– 120 FlutterCOT:

We are lucky to meet in the gloom and get physically stronger (first F).  We work out together and strengthen our bonds of fellowship (second F).  A nationally shared workout like today’s strengthens one of those strands – Empathy.  Watch out for each other.



Note: WallE listed twice (once for Soul). BlackHole listed, he did this workout on Monday with WallE at The Retreat.

Honored to lead,


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