Just Another Merkin Monday

34 Degrees,  7 pax:  Mulligan, Brisket, Dick Clark, Mountie, WallE, Photo Finish, and Dos Equis, Q Warm Ups:  Arm circles, Circle arms, Hillbillies, Shoulder stretch, V-reach, Lounge Act. (XX count each, of course) Mosey round the parking lot. At the pavilion, the Thang: “Stand By Your Man”: in pairs, alternating roles in cadence: One pax doesContinue reading “Just Another Merkin Monday”

Leave snowman behind

29 degrees,  11 pax: Black Hole, Scar, Dick Clark, Mulligan, Brisket, Mountie, RedCoat. Trailblazer, Photo Finish, Sweaty Palms (DR from F3 Nolensville TN) and Dos Equis, Q. I’ve got nothing against snowmen. Honest.  I just like the wordplay with this title compared to the Credo of F3Nation.  Thank you, Mountie, for this. The Warm-Up ArmContinue reading “Leave snowman behind”

A workout that will live in infamy (I doubt it.)

26 degrees, 7 (!!!) pax for this 12/07 workout: Scar, Brisket, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Dos Equis (Q) and with Mountie, and his 2.0 Nyan, FNG, now named Trooper. Today’s workout was dedicated to our veterans for their faithful service to our country. Warm-up Arm Circles Circle Arms Shoulder Stretch Tippy Taps, with “My backContinue reading “A workout that will live in infamy (I doubt it.)”

Your Answer Must be in the Form of a Question

The Alex Trebek Tribute Workout Lots of 11s, 20s, and Canada 62 deg (!!!).  7 pax: Mountie, Scar, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Checkmate, with Black Hole on ZOOM, and Dos Equis as Q. Warm-Ups Arm Circles Circle Arms Hillbillies Shoulder Stretch V-Reach Lounge Act Mosey to Tennis Courts The thirteen Provinces and Territories of CanadaContinue reading “Your Answer Must be in the Form of a Question”

Bill Murray with a Photo Finish

Clear morning, 55 deg, (7) Pax: Mountie, Brisket, Scar, Exterminator, Dick Clark, and Co-Qs Photo Finish and Dos Equis. Photo Finish led the fun today with the disclaimer and warm-up exercises: arm circles, circle arms, shoulder stretches, windmills, imperial walkers. Mosey to baseball diamond Dos Equis picked up the Q from there with a BillContinue reading “Bill Murray with a Photo Finish”