Hill-Ten (3 Bonus Nights Edition)

PAX: Risky Business (Q), Mountie, Brisket, Scar U, Thunder, Morpheus, Whistle Blower, Photo Finish, Aviator, Dick Clark Risky Business took the PAX on his personal favorite workout. Since Risky Business is a loyal Hill-Ten member, he treated the PAX to 3 Bonus Nights, for a Hill-13. Warm Up: Arm circlesCircle ArmsTippy TapAgitators / MotivatorsMosey toContinue reading “Hill-Ten (3 Bonus Nights Edition)”

Staycation @ the HillTen

PAX Risky Business (Q), Aviator, Wingman (FNG), Towpath, Ghost Rider (FNG), Mountie, Pharmer, Photo Finish, Wee Wah, Roddick (F3 DC), Brisket, Cruiser, Guts, Lyft, Tim Horton, Red Coat, Dos Equis, Dick Clark (DR – via Zoom) On this 4th of July weekend, 18 PAX decided to put their trust in Risky Business to guide themContinue reading “Staycation @ the HillTen”

10 For the Hill (aka Risky’s Nightmare)

PAX: Risky Business (Q), Mountie, ScarU, Thunder, Aviator, Brisket After roughly 8 months since his last Q and subsequent injury/recovery, Risky Business stepped up to the plate to Q this AMs workout. The expectation would be that if Risky was Q’ing, then there would be moseying. What inspired today’s workout, was a reflection back almostContinue reading “10 For the Hill (aka Risky’s Nightmare)”