Gotta have faith..

Weather: 45 degrees #AAR 05/8/21 @ The Rising (Community Park). 16 PAX of F3 Princeton (Dos Equis, Brisket, Ribs, Mountie, ScarU, Lafayette, BlackHole, MilkyWay, DickClark, Aviator, Tyson, Cruiser, RedCoat, Hacksaw, Pharmer) for a workout Q’d by AVIATOR (aka Manish Bhansali). FAITH HAS TWO BASIC MEANINGS:  THE FIRST IS COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN A PERSON OR PLANContinue reading “Gotta have faith..”

Billy Madison, back to school

Where & when: West Windsor Community Park, The Rising, on the first day of May Who: 14 Pax for ScarU, Scar2k, Looney Toons, Aviator, Tyson, Mulligan, Risky Business, Dick Clark, Hacksaw, Cruiser, Mountie (Q), Brisket, Ribs and Swish I was reminded again this week that our kids are growing and time is flying by wayContinue reading “Billy Madison, back to school”

Treasure Hunt Workout (7 of Diamonds)

Weather: 45 degrees #AAR 04/26/21 @ The Rising (Community Park). 9 PAX of F3 Princeton (Dos Equis, Brisket, Thunder, WallE, Mountie, Risky Business, ScarU, Dick Clark, Aviator) for a workout Q’d by AVIATOR (aka Manish Bhansali). Warm up: IC-13 Arm Circles Circle Arms Windmills Tippy Taps Workout (THANG): 7 of Diamonds (exercise is performed atContinue reading “Treasure Hunt Workout (7 of Diamonds)”

Merkin bonanza!

Back Blast for Saturday, April 24, 2021 PAX (13): DickClark, GoodKnight, Swoosh, HackSaw, Mulligan, DosEquis, Mountie, Brisket, Ribs, RiskyBusiness, Aviator, ShamWow (zoom) and WallE (Q) Warm up:Tippy Taps, Spider Man stretch, Mountain climbers, SSHs (44 IC = special for Risky Business’s return from IR) Thang:Location – Colosseum. As Q I had settled on a merkinContinue reading “Merkin bonanza!”

Say his name

Where: WWCP, 6:30am on a beautiful April am. No gloom here! Who (8 Pax): ScarU, Aviator, FNG Thunder, Mountie (Q), Risky Business, Dos Equis, Brisket and BlackHole (in the zoom). What: Yesterday, on 4/20/2021 the jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter inContinue reading “Say his name”

The COT Heard Round the World

6:30 am, April 19, 2021, 45 degrees and clear 7 Pax: Wall-E, Dos Equis, Risky Business, Aviator, Mountie, Scar-U, Brisket, and Dick Clark on Q. To commemorate the 246th anniversary of “the shot heard round the world”, Dick Clark walked (or ran) the Pax through a reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. DickContinue reading “The COT Heard Round the World”