Back Where We Started

Conditions: clear, warm morning (~mid to high 20s) Location: Community Park, West Windsor 12 Pax: WallE, Risky Business, Stones, Thunder, Aviator, Dick Clark, Mountie, Brisket, SideOut, ScarU, Dos Equis, and Casbah, VQ. Disclaimer: standard Warm o rama Arm circles, Circle arms, Abe Vigodas, various stretches Round 1. Mosey around the parking lot to pavilion SideContinue reading “Back Where We Started”

Dick Clark’s “A-One, and A-Two”

Written by Dick Clark, Q. Dick Clark’s “A-one, and a-two…” (Hint: check out the date)Date: 1/12/22AO: RisingPax: 11Conditions: 18°, Clear, GFI = 25, Warm-up: run in place, imperial walkers, side straddle hop, Merkin, stretches. Thang 1:Outbound route 66: squats.Inbound route 66: flutters. Thang 2:Play Lawrence Welk music (“A-one, and a-two…”) and do rounds of Elevens:Continue reading “Dick Clark’s “A-One, and A-Two””

Love the One You’re With

Written by Rodin on the occasion of his VQ 11 degrees F, 25 Pax, GMI = 46 PAX: WallE, Brisket, Morpheus, Swish, ScarU, Knight2F3, Aviator, Wingman, Babe Ruth, Slugger, Cruiser, Black Hole, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Shredder, The Bishop, Bogey, Side Out, Risky Business, Thunder, Turbo, Dos Equis, Plumb Bob, Tanker (FNG), Rodin, Today weContinue reading “Love the One You’re With”

| 01/10/2022 | Winter Games

PAX: Mulligan, ScarU, Morpheus, PhotoFinish, SideOut, Thunder, DickClark, RiskyBusiness, Aviator, Brisket (Q) SCENE: 30 F with enough wind to make it feel colder (See Pic). Slightly cloudy. WARMUP SSH x 25Mountie Climbers x25Arm circles x10Circle Arms x10 Stretch upStretch forward, arch backFingers under toes, straight leg stretchHip SpreadersRunner’s Stretch each leg Mosey to “Brisket’s Curve”Continue reading “| 01/10/2022 | Winter Games”

Heavy Metal Heart Chargers

Written by Thunder, Q Date: 01/08/2022 Conditions: clear skies, a cool 18 degrees, GFI = 39 Location: West Windsor Community Park PAX: 25 with 1 FNG. Risky Business, Morpheus, Photo Finish, The Bishop (FNG), Plumb Bob, Lafayette, Citron, Side Out, Rodin, Dick Clark, Knight2F3, Heavy Metal, Wing Man, Aviator, Babe Ruth, Slugger, Red Coat, Brisket,Continue reading “Heavy Metal Heart Chargers”

Better to Give Than to Receive

Written by Dick Clark Backblast: Dick Clark’s “Better to give than receive”Date: 1/5/22AO: Rising12 Pax: Aviator, Dos Equis, Brisket, ScarU, Photo Finish, Morpheus, Mulligan, Thunder, Risky Business, CasbahFNG: Stones (Welcome!)Q: Dick ClarkConditions: 28 degrees, drizzle, black ice Warmup: Imperial walkers, run in place, stretches, circle arms, The Thang:We opened the happy Christmas cards in pairsContinue reading “Better to Give Than to Receive”

Aviator’s Ironman Prep

written by Aviator Date: 01/03/2022AO: The RisingPAX: BlackHole, ScarU, Knight2F3, WallE, Dick Clark, Six String, Risky Business, Morpheus, Brisket, Side Out, Dos Equis, Thunder, Aviator Q: AviatorTotal: 13Conditions: Cold (below 32) Windy Warm-Up:Elbow rotationDick Clark stretchesNeck Rotation The Thang:At the pavillionTriathlon theme– 22 reps– 2 setsSwimming– Hand release merkin – hand do breast stroke motion– FlutterContinue reading “Aviator’s Ironman Prep”

2021 – One Final Beatdown

PAX: Scar U, Mulligan, Aviator, Wing Man, Wall-E, Soul, Dos Equis, Photo Finish, Black Hole, Risky Business (Q) On a cloudy with slight drizzle, 43 degree morning, 10 souls converged in the gloom for one last F3 Princeton Beatdown by YHC. The last three Q’s by YHC became fodder by a member of the PAX, as,Continue reading “2021 – One Final Beatdown”

12-22-21: Palindrome Pain

With the date looking very similar no matter which direction you read it, the Q decided to pick several exercises that were the reverse of each other. With the ground being wet and the temp in the mid 30s, the PAX felt very ‘refreshed’ after the beatdown. 11 PAX: Aviator, Vintage, Casbah, RiskyBusiness, Trooper (WelcomeContinue reading “12-22-21: Palindrome Pain”