9/14 BBQ Stand Up

Q: Brisket PAX: Mountie, Black Hole, DosEquis, Dick Clark, VanDamm, Photo Finish Temp: 67 degrees an clear skies In celebration of YHC’s 1 year Manniversary, the PAX were subjected to several pyramids of pain in-between some terrible BBQ and Grilling related jokes. Including an Iron Pax special. Warmed up and moseyed over to the middleContinue reading “9/14 BBQ Stand Up”

Labor On, But Not Today

An F3 Workout on Labor Day, 2020 Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. Ralph Waldo Emerson (6) #HIM: WallE, Mountie, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Hamilton, and Dos Equis (Q) Warm-Up: Moroccan Night Club, Hillbillies, Shoulder Stretch = toContinue reading “Labor On, But Not Today”

The Calm Before The Storm?

Does this expression “The calm before the storm” have any meaning in the year 2020? Dos Equis 69 deg, 100% relative humidity, 15 pax total.  11 at the AO: Dos Equis as Q, WallE, Risky Business, Scar, Mountie, Hot Wheels, VanDamme, Dick Clark, Red Stripe, Photo Finish, and FNG Hamilton. 4 on ZOOM: Black Hole,Continue reading “The Calm Before The Storm?”

Princeton’s Field of Dreams

written by Spike, posted by Dos Equis Conditions :       74 F and mid-level humidity, mostly sunny Q :    Spike Bootcamp  :        11 PAX : Spike (Q), WallE, Mountie, Hot Wheels, Photo Finish, Risky Business, Pharmer, Smokey, Dos  Equis, Black Hole, + Brisket on ZOOM. YHC had the day off, and asked Dos EquisContinue reading “Princeton’s Field of Dreams”

22/7: π Approximation Day

Date: 22/7 QIC: Black Hole PAX: Black Hole (Q), Scar, Risky Business, Red Stripe, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Mountie, Hot Wheels, and Brisket (zoom) AO: The Rising Pi approximation day is July 22nd written in the day/month format. The mathematical fraction is an approximation for the irrational number π. While both π and 22/7 neverContinue reading “22/7: π Approximation Day”