Wall-E joins the Arm-E

(written by Dick Clark) Overcast, 64 degrees13 Pax: Trailblazer, Cruiser, Pharmer, WallE, Hacksaw (FNG), Photo Finish, Bollywood (FNG), Dos Equis, Redcoat, Mountie, Scar, Black Hole, Brisket, and Dick Clark (VQ). As all the military Pax know, F3 is inspired by lots of great routines and practices from military PT—Physical Training. With that in mind, retiredContinue reading “Wall-E joins the Arm-E”

ElToro and Trigger go to NJ

15 #HIM for an ElToro and Trigger guest Q at Princeton.  ElToro and Trigger took the long drive to Princeton together.. Once we arrived we decided we prefer other modes of transportation, including but not limited to: moseys, hill climbs, bear crawls and lunge walks. In between we did a variety of merkins, ab exercises,Continue reading “ElToro and Trigger go to NJ”

10102020 don’t blame the queue

One day we are waiting in a queue, angry that it isn’t moving. The next day we laugh at the same situation. Our perception is constantly changing. The challenge is in our minds, don’t blame the queue. Andy on Everyday Headspace session Oct 10 Oct 10, 2020 is a great date for an F3 workout,Continue reading “10102020 don’t blame the queue”