Your word of the year – 2021

Before covid, lockdowns, masks and many other new words entered our daily vocabulary, Dos challenged each of us to declare a personal “word of the year” to help us frame our intentions. This was a casual exercise done in our COTs but it is suddenly Dec. 31st again and an new year means another opportunityContinue reading “Your word of the year – 2021”

The Photo Finish of a Running Life

Photo Finish shared his running accomplishments over the years. Enjoy browsing through and definitely share any thoughts. Here are a few things that came to mind: Photo Finish has been running marathons for almost my entire life, I was 5 back in 84. Seeing the list makes me realize that setting & training for fitnessContinue reading “The Photo Finish of a Running Life”

Photo Finish’s youth (& VQ)

Our Fellowship is paramount; don’t fall prey to rating yourself against others! We are all individual cogs in the F3 Wheel. Each of us is on one of Nature’s unique paths. Embrace this path and love life. It has ups and downs. Photo Finish Where & When: 7am at The Rising AO at Wets WindsorContinue reading “Photo Finish’s youth (& VQ)”

SnackPax: Delicious AND Nutritious

Written by Dick ClarkLight rain, 55 degrees8 Pax: Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Mountie; WallE and Black Hole via Zoom, and Dick Clark on Q. And welcome to FNG “Six String” Dick Clark felt a hunger for the old days, so decided to feed it by re-living Iron PAX, in the digestible fun-size he callsContinue reading “SnackPax: Delicious AND Nutritious”

F3 Mad Lib

The AriseNov. 16, 20208 Paxs- Dos, Foto Finish, Dick Clark, Wall-E, Checkmate, Brisket, Scar-U, Mountie(Q). It was a _____indescribable______ [ adjective] November morning at the ____basketball court__ [ favorite Q location]. ____Risky Business____ [ Q member] was the Q and was ready to deliver a __crazy_____ [ adjective]  ___running_______ [ verb] to the PAX. TheContinue reading “F3 Mad Lib”