We Don’t Die, We Multiply!

10/19/2021 PAX: Dos, WallE, Soul, DickClark, Aviator, Mountie, Vintage (FNG! Welcome), Scar, Brisket (Q) Warmup Stretch acrossStretch overMichael PhelpsLeg holdPlank to each legTippy Taps to Back hurts ZigZag Mosey to top deck corner Thang – We don’t die, we multiply! 1×1=12×2=43×3=94×4=165×5=25 5 rounds of each of the following where the reps equal the the answerContinue reading “We Don’t Die, We Multiply!”

Animal House

7/12/2021 0630 hrs, 9 Pax, 75 degrees and humid Attendance:  Brisket(Q), Mountie, Risky Business, Photo Finish, Aviator, Wingman, Thunder, QuickChange, ScarU Welcome and Disclaimer Warm-Up-Walk Stretch arm acrossStretch over elbow grabCircle ArmsArm CirclesDC StretchesPlank to each leg (Runner Stretch)Tippy Taps x10 Mosey to Upper Parking Lot CoP – Circle of Pain Burpees OYO (BOYOs) x10LungesContinue reading “Animal House”

Mental Battle

BackBlast for Saturday, March 27, 2021 11 PAX (RedCoat, DosEquis, Cruiser, Mulligan, Ribs, Brisket, Aviator, DickClark, Smokey, RedCard, WallE) 4 Zoom (Shamwow, Milky Way, BlackHole and FNG – last 3 from the soft launch of F3 Rosedale @ Pennington) WarmUp:Tippy Taps, Mountain Climbers, WindMills. Thang 1:Pearls on a String.  Ran around the AO with stops (IC,Continue reading “Mental Battle”