March Madness F3 style

“I can’t believe I’m cheering for planks”


Posted by Mountie, written by Scar.

QIC: Scar

DATE: 3/17/2020

PAX: Dos Equis, WallE, Black Hole, Red Stripe, Brisket, Cruiser, Pinstripe, Red Coat, Alamo, Bones, FNG Kosher Pickle, Mountie

13 #HIM, including 1 FNG, (Kosher Pickle), showed up on a windy day to participate in @F3Princeton’s version of March Madness.  The Q was Scar, who was aided by none-other than Mountie, as the two coach 4th grade travel basketball together. 


We began near the soccer fields with a Warm up consisting of Neck Circles, Arm Swirleys, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Tippy Taps, “My Back Hurts” Extensions and Slow Squats. 

Warm up

  1. Neck Circles
  2. Arm Circles
  3. Imperial Walkers
  4. Mountain Climbers  
  5. Tippy Taps
  6. Back Extensions 
  7. Slow Squats

Mosey to Basketball Court 


At the basketball court, we had plenty of coupons available, (steps bands, cones and kettle bells.  We began layup drills, one team performing a lay up and the other rebounding. Every #HIM had 3 or more turns for this part of the workout. 

Next, we did a two team T Drill challenge where we sprinted forward to 1st cone, lateral shuffle to L cone, lateral shuffle to R cone and concluded by a back pedal to the starting point.  We had 3 battle rounds for this part of our workout. 

Finally, we broke into teams of 3 and one team of 4 to participate in the March Madness Bracket Challenge.  The 4 teams each were each setup under their own basketball hoop.  

The bracket challenge had 16 of our favorite F3 exercises and they were given fun names with college teams that are most likely going to make the NCAA tournament.  For example, we had the Maryland Merkins, the Duke Dips and the Villanova Vacuum Cleaners, (wheelbarrows). 

For each game in the bracket, the 4 groups performed both exercises (# of reps is their seed). Then each member of the team each shot a Free Throw.  If any of the team made the shot, the top seed moved on, if we all missed, the lower seed moved on. After completing one Round of games, we did one mosey around the basketball courts.  Then each group did the next round of games in their bracket.

We did this method until each group crowned an exercise as part of our Final Four.  For us, it was Forward Planks vs. Squats and Burpees vs. Forward Planks. The final consisted of Squats vs. Forward Planks with Planks being crowned the Tourney Champ. 

Although the workout was initially confusing for most, each group got into a rhythm and ultimately enjoyed bonding with their group of brothers. We challenge other F3 groups to do their own #F3BracketChallenge!  See the bracket below and how it shook out!

The workout ended with a Countarama, Namearama and a Circle of Trust.  10 #HIM continued the mumble chatter at the Grovers Mill Coffee House. 

Here’s the complete breakdown-

Warm up

  1. Neck Circles
  2. Arm Circles
  3. Imperial Walkers
  4. Mountain Climbers  
  5. Tippy Taps
  6. Back Extensions 
  7. Slow Squats

Mosey to Basketball Court 

Layups – with ball teams of 2 

T Drill 

  1. Sprint Forward 
  2. Side shuffle to L 
  3. Side shuffle to R
  4. Back pedal 

Teams of 3

NCAA Bracket 

Split the Q into 4 teams and each team “works” through their bracket.

There are 4 hoops at the courts so each team gets a hoop and a ball and they rotate shooting in their smaller team.

For each game, you do both exercises (# of reps is their seed). So 16 SSH/1 Burpee, etc.

Then shoot a free throw, make it, the top seed moves on, miss and the lower seed moves one. Then do the next game in your bracket.

When you finish a round, run a suicide (or a mosey around the courts) and start the next round.

This way we could go to the final four and a champ.

Teams of 3 (maybe next time).

1 person shooting (shoot until he makes) 

1 person jogging

1 person Merkins 

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