May the 4th 5/4/2020

And just like that it’s May.. We are still doing virtual workouts but hopefully there is a groove to be discovered (let’s call it the Force) and we are all getting better each day.

Like the hero’s journey of every Star Wars episode, our virtual WO started with us being a little lost, trying to define ourselves. We found our way and returned stronger then we started. Happy May the 4th to everyone!

Where: Zoomland

Who: Mountie (Q), Brisket, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis

Warm it up: neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs and we’re ready to go.

The Thang:

Round 1- JEDI
Jedi Jacks (aka motivators, starting at 9)
Everyday Sumo Squats (25)
Down Dog Divers – Down dog, to pushup, to arch your back (cobra style)
Imperial Walkers

Round 2- SITH
SSH – went to 107 (counted “en francais pour une petit peu”) shout-out Risky Biz!
Ice Skaters (on Hoth of course)- 10 for each leg, balancing your light saber
T- not sure what this was, but it was awesome
Hammer (not american, Jedi style, moving your light saber from left to right) – 10-15

Round 3- YODA
Y-merkins (1 merkin, arm step to the right, merkin, back to the left, rinse, repeat)
Oyo Squats (25-30)
Down Dog Divers (again)
America Hammer (jedi style of course)

Time for the Encore (aka Zoom 40 min timeout and rejoin)

Speeder bikes (Freddy Mercury’s)
Han Solos (Boat Canoes)

Nothing major to announce for today, we want to figure out the funding to get buy lunch for the Health Care worker, Dos is working on the details to order food and we’ll get the funds together.

Be safe and have a great week everyone!


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