#bELieve52 5k

On June 6th, 2020, 13 HIMs got together in West Windsor Community Park for 2 hours to pay honor and respect to Eric LeGrand, a Rutgers Football player who had a spinal cord injury in October, 2010 in a game vs. Army at Giants Stadium.  I was at the game with my two girls and I will never forget how the stadium was silent, as we all held our collective breath when Eric fell to the ground and did not stand up after a play.  
Since that time, Eric has been an example of persistence, a tireless advocate for those battling spinal cord injuries and a motivational speaker. He has literally spoken and inspired thousands of people with his positive attitude, approach to life and standing up for what he believes.  

Here was our #believe52 pre-5K workout, (his football number is 52). Every exercise was a multiple of Eric’s number:
Windmills 26
Weed pickers 13
Hamstring stretch x 13 seconds
Quad stretch x 13 seconds
Runners stretch x 13 seconds
Groin stretch x 13 seconds 
Child’s Pose x 13 seconds x 2 
Cobras x 13 seconds x 2 
Dynamic Warm up including:
Butt kickers around the lot
Marches Side shuffling
Core Work out including Plank  52 seconds
Side Plank 13 seconds
Superman 13 

We had a great turnout for the 5K.  A total of 30 folks joined us, (20 in person, 10 virtually), for a 5K.  As a team, Jersey PT, (comprised of over 15 F3 Princeton HIM), raised approximately $1400.  In total, there were over 1500 registrants for this virtual event and the event has to date raised over $180,000 to benefit Team LeGrand and the Reeve Foundation

During a time with so much division in our country, many who participated were also using the hashtag #Chop4Change on social media platforms as a message to promote anti-racism, inclusion and real change. 
This is what F3 is all about.  It was great to see us come together for a purpose greater than ourselves.  I was humbled by the support of the F3 community, Jersey PT community, friends and family who supported this mission to support Eric LeGrand and the Reeve Foundation.  Thank you!

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