Le Tour de France

What: 14 Pax joined the beautiful spring gloom for a French Themed workout led by Lafayette (Erik Perkins)

Who: The Ux, ScarU, Lafayette (Q), Scar2k, Aviator, Dick Clark, Red Card, Milky Way, Red Coat, Dos Equis, Black Hole, Wall-E, Brisket, Mountie

Warm up:

Toe touchers (Touches d’orteils)

Imperial walkers (Marcheurs impériaux)

Motivators (Motivateurs)

Work out (in four parts, counted out in french):

World War (Ten times each, repeat 3 times):

WWI sit ups


WWII sit ups

American hammers

– American themed workouts mixed in due to America’s involvement and aide to France –

Tour-de-France (3 laps around the parking lot):

23 high knees

23 butt kicks

23 lunges

etc… (freedom to choose other form of traveling if needed)

Sprint the final stretch

– 23 due to the 23 days it takes to complete the race –

Mountains in France (2 times up and down on the hill for each, partner does stationary exercise in the meantime):

Alps: Bear crawl/Mountain climbers

Pyrenees: Backwards running/Squats

Massif Central: Forward running/Burpees

Stereotypes (three rounds; 10, then 15, then 20 of each)

“Elevated” ‘Merkins (French people think they are better than Americans)

Monkey Humps (“Cheese eating surrender monkeys!”)

Crunchy Frogs ( “Froggy!, and French eat frogs)

Cool down:Boat/Canoes (Bateau/Canoë)

COT, continue to be diligent as the warmer weather arrives.

Thanks for leading Lafayette, you were here for us and we are here for you!

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