F3 J3nga

DIY Giant Jenga - Void Magazine | Jacksonville Florida | North Florida  Culture

Weather: 83 degrees (Felt like 90 ☹ & HUMID)

#AAR 06/07/21 @ The Rising (Community Park).
6 PAX of F3 Princeton (Brisket, Mountie, ScarU, DickClark, Aviator, PhotoFinish) for a JENGA themed workout, Q’d by AVIATOR (aka Manish Bhansali).

The Jenga theme was inspired from @F3Monterey workout back in May.

Warm up: IC-10

  1. Arm Circles
  2. Circle Arms
  3. Arms Across
  4. Arms Over Stretch 
  5. Arms Across Stretch 
  6. DC Stretch
  7. Leg Hold Stretch


The PAX seemed quite excited with the Jenga theme; patiently waited for their turn to pull the next workout brick. In some cases, the outcome was expectedly unexpected 😊 solid beatdown.

  1. ALARM
  2. 10 Burpees
  3. DIEGO 1-2-3
  4. 20 MERKINS
  5. 20 Mike Tysons
  6. 4 x 4




Keep showing up!!!

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