Luck be a Lady

When: The last warm June gloom, only one cloud in the sky (must be Cumulus)

5 Pax (Mountie (Q), Photo Finish, Cumulus, BoyRDee and Aviator beat the heat for a 6:30 workout at The Rising. With an out of towner from KC (welcome BoyRDee) and a recent FNG establishing his workout streak (2 in a row, keep showing up Cumulus!) we were ready to give these new workout dice a roll..


Arm circles
Circle Arms
Plenty of stretching
Motivators (10 count counting down, in KC they count up, maybe we’ll give that a shot next time).

The Thang-

The theme for the day is to let the dice lay. We took turns rolling the dice to see what workout lady luck had for us and we mosey’ed to a few park locations for a quick tour for Boyardee. 5 pax, 5 rolls, and everyone always wins!

Thang #1, at The Pavilion-
60 seconds of merkins
30 LBCs
5 burpees (might have been 30, but that’s total right?)
More wide merkins and something else (I don’t remember but we didn’t stop moving)

Thang #2. Mosey to Green Helmet for 5 more shots
More burpees,
Skier Squats (feet together)
Worst merkins ever
More LBCs
More squats

Thang #3. Mosey around the path to the outdoor gym equipment
Something else
Walking lunges back across the football field to the flag that’s not there for..

Counterama, Namerama and COT

Keep showing up (even if you forget your phone at home, sorry Zoomers 🙂



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