“B” The EMOM

An IronPax Workout (Week 3)

Wednesday 9/22: 7 Pax – Mountie, ScaRU, Black Hole, Dick Clark, and Dos Equis

Saturday 9/25: 20 Pax – Mountie, Bollywood, Citron, Lafayette, Cruiser, Black Hole, Dick Clark, RedCoat, WallE, Aviator, Wingman, ScaRU, Knight2F3, Towpath, GhostRider, Cumulus, Trailblazer, Swish, Dos Equis, and Priorities of F3 Hampton Roads.

This backblast covers both the workouts on Wednesday, 9/15/21 and Saturday 9/18/21.

The workout:

We were smoked after this one. At each end of the 50 yards, Mountie and Dick Clark had in-sync timers for the 2 minutes, and tunes at each end, too.

It was a delight to have Priorities of f3 Hampton Roads join us today.

Stay strong. Get After it.

Dos Equis

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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