October Opener

The VQ Workout of Cumulus

11 Pax: Cumulus Q, Wall-E, Soul (2.0), Aviator, Dos Equis, Brisket, Risky Business, ScaRU,  Dick Clark, Mountie, Thunder
Getting down to business opening up the first week of October. A warm Monday morning workout with 11 HIM, starting out in the dark and finishing with the sun rising.

5 x Sets at the Colosseum.
Merkins (IC x 10) Shoulder Taps (IC x 10) Mike Tyson (IC x 10), Imperial Walker (IC x 10) Squat, (IC x 10) Horse Stance (30s) Mosey lap around the upper parking lot

We ended with 2 lap mosey, great cooldown stretch routine by Dick Clark, and around-the-ciircle with PAX leading 6MOM exercises.

Congrats to Aviator on completing his first 5K race. Congrats to the New Pennsyljerseyans Ragnar Team for the completion of their relay race this past weekend.


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