Princeton AO Tribute WO- “F3 Princeton the Musical”

December 18, 2021

Starring the PAX, (see below), and the Q’s/Hosts Mountie and ScarU

Soul, WallE, Dos Equis, Bogey, Red Coat, Side Out, Morpheus, Dixie Chick, Photo Finish, Risky Business, Black Hole, Hacksaw, Swish, Aviator, Citron, Knight2F3, Wingman, Lafayette, Babe Ruth, Slugger, Whistleblower, Brisket, Dick Clark, T Dubs, Rodin, Cruiser

Auditions– Warm ups Dick Clark – Lounge Act (Dos Equis) Side Straddle Hopkins  (Raise U up Kinky boots

Dress Rehearsal

Run with Risky Tribute (Song or no song)

Heart Chargers- 1 round (Here we go Again Rock of Ages

Live (3 Acts)-   4 corners tabata 40 sec on 20 sec rest x 4 rounds 

Act 1 Song:  featuring “Seasons of Love Rent” Squats 

Diner Quality Merkins


American Hammers 

Mountie Climbers 

Act 2 Song:” Alexander Hamilton” AmHams


Diner Quality Merkins

American Hammers 

Mountie Climbers 

Act 3 Song:  “Circle of Life”  Mountie Climbers Honoring Mountie 


Diner Quality Merkins

American Hammers 

Mountie Climbers 

Song:  “Mama Mia” Diner quality Merkinds 

Intermission Route 66 IWs 

Hello Dolly at the Helmet  (honoring Nantan WallE)    

Featuring Bear Crawls 

Grand Finale – “The Rising” – Springsteen the Musical  at the Colosseum

Back row Burpees 

Mezzanine Middle row:  Broadway Lunges  Mezzanine 

Front row  boat canoes singing  “Row Row Row Your Boat.”

Finale- “Winter Wonderland”  Rockettes

Gift Giving: COUPONS! Thank you to ScarU’s M, Melinda, and her two elves, Citron and Knight2F3 for decorating!

Gift Exchange: Lots of cool F3 Exercise themed gifts exchanged

COT: Lots of gratitude

Welcome DR Dixie Chick of F3 Greenwood.

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