Aviator’s Ironman Prep

written by Aviator

Date: 01/03/2022
AO: The Rising
PAX: BlackHole, ScarU, Knight2F3, WallE, Dick Clark, Six String, Risky Business, Morpheus, Brisket, Side Out, Dos Equis, Thunder, Aviator

Q: Aviator
Total: 13
Conditions: Cold (below 32) Windy

Elbow rotation
Dick Clark stretches
Neck Rotation

The Thang:
At the pavillion
Triathlon theme
– 22 reps
– 2 sets
– Hand release merkin – hand do breast stroke motion
– Flutter with mirrored flutter motion w. arms (horizontal to vertical)
– Reverse crunches
– Freddie Mercury
– Bridge (Butt and lower back raise when on your back)
– Mountain Climbers with jump to quasi-crouch
– Apollo Onos
– Calf raises (straight , wide, diamond – feet position)
– Step Ups



Stay safe with school closures and remote work extensions.

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