Diamonds Are Forever

written by Aviator, Q

Date: 02/07/2022 AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park)

9 PAX: Brisket, Risky Business, Morpheus, Thunder, Side Out, Dick Clark, Mulligan, ScarU and Aviator, Q

Conditions: Cold 24 degrees / Very light freezing Rain

Warm Up: Arm Circles, Circle Arms, DC Stretches, Neck Stretches, Leg Hold

Thang: 7 of Diamonds (perform each exercise at each of the 4 corners of the baseball field with a Squat Walk / lunge walk /Side Shuffle / High Knees in between the bases) – 7 Dry Docks, 14 Merkins, 21 Dips, 28 LBC’s, 21 American Hammers)

COT: :blush: Vacation !!!!  

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