Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Workout-a-thon

Written by Milky Way

Milky Way and his buddy Aydin have been working hard to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are proud of their efforts. Please give consideration to helping them out. https://events.lls.org/snj/southjerseysoy22/tchowb

AO: The Rising

PAX:  Babe Ruth, WallE, Aviator, Risky Business, Wingman, Thunder, Towpath, Mountie, Ishmael, Mulligan, Automatic, Hacksaw, Mulligan, Heavy Metal, Black Hole, Photo Finish

Q: Milky Way

Total: 17

Conditions: clear skies, 24 degrees

Warm Up

·      Motivators  x 10

·      Arm circles / Circle arms

·      IW

·      Mountie climbers

The Thang: Workout-a-thon

Round 1 at colosseum

·       Squats x 20

·      Merkins x 20

·      LBCs x 20

3 sets of round 1, mosey to green helmet and back

Round 2 at colosseum

·      Burpees x 10

·       Carolina drydocks x 20

·      AmHam x 20

·      step-ups x 20

·      Burpees x 10

3 sets of round 2, mosey around parking lot

Round 3 at upper parking lot

·      Apollo Ohnos x 20

·       Hello Dollys x 20

·      dips x 20

3 sets of round 3, mosey around parking lot


·      Boat Canoes

·       Smurf jacks

·      Star (on back)

·      Freddie Mercury




·      LLS fundraiser https://events.lls.org/snj/southjerseysoy22/tchowb


1) Ukraine  2) The mental battle

Honored to lead,

Milky Way

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