NCAA Bracket Buster 2022

This was the Third Annual F3 Princeton March Madness workout. Great thanks to Mountie and ScarU for organizing this grand event.

AO: The Rising (WWCP)

29 PAX:  Knight2F3, Lafayette, Ribs, Trooper, Brisket, WallE, Black Hole, Graf, RedCoat, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, Aviator, Wingman, Slugger, Babe Ruth, High Note, Towpath, Automatic, Heavy Metal, Thunder, Munchies, Ishmael, Risky Business, Morpheus, Vintage, Cruiser, IceMan, and Mountie, Q, and ScarU, Q.

Conditions: Great day, perfect for some outdoor hoops

WARMUP: Quick stretches with ScarU and then a mosey to the basketball courts.

THANG: It’s March, it’s madness, it’s a bracket with 64 exercises.  When two teams play, we do both exercises and then shoot 4 free throws. If anyone makes it, the higher seed moves on, otherwise it’s an upset.  By the time we were in the second region, we started to find our groove.  We ran out of time but maybe we’ll finish the bracket in days to come.

MARY: Mary was worked into the brackets, lots of good exercises from the Exicon!



Honored to Lead,

Mountie and ScarU

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